About Us

We’re More Than a Printer

Founded in 1982 in Marietta, Georgia, Perfect Image is the award-winning commercial printing company that provides scalable technologies and systems that deliver excellence in Print Communications and Marketing Support Solutions for small business, education and non-profit. Perfect Image is best of class in the mid-sized commercial printing marketplace. We own, operate and maintain a state-of-the-art, hybrid print communications environment offering high-end offset lithography and the latest in variable digital printing capabilities. Our portfolio of services includes Marketing Support Solutions that deliver greater value and ROI to our clients, including a suite of Web-based tools to serve their multi-channel operating and marketing support needs. Our clients include educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and select businesses throughout Georgia and the Southeast, and their partners and associates nationwide.


Some Facts We’re Proud Of

  • Best of class: A recipient of more than 100 industry awards, Perfect Image is recognized for outstanding craftsmanship in producing high-quality B2B and B2C marketing and communications materials, including expert bindery services.
  • Green and proud of it: Perfect Image is a commercial printing partner that offers greener solutions. In 2008, we bolstered our commitment to being environmentally sensitive by being awarded formal certification from the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®). By the early 90s, we had eliminated alcohol solvents from our chemistry, and we have operated a filmless environment since 2003, taking all artwork direct-to-plate.
  • Certified minority-owned and managed enterprise: Perfect Image is the only minority-owned and managed commercial printer in Georgia with in-house six-color process manufacturing and variable digital printing capabilities, and one of few in the United States. We’ve been named Regional Supplier of the Year by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), and Supplier of the Year by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC).
  • Tough on quality control: Already one of the only commercial printers of our size using the industry standard ISO 9002 Formatted Quality Control System, Perfect Image upped this differentiator in 2008 by sponsoring Six Sigma training for employees who are critical to our service, production and manufacturing processes.
  • Effective Client Integration: Perfect Image serves every client with proven business standards and best practices across our high-functioning print and manufacturing operations. This begins with formalizing our relationships and settlement arrangements, as described in our Client Reception Guide.

After 30 Years In Business, a New Logo Tells Our Story

In 2011, Perfect Image entered its 30th year in business. To meet the next era in our history, we rebranded our company in 2008 and created a logo illustrating the depth of our offerings—we are More than a printer. Our name rolls out in lowercase, a more contemporary style of type that is reflective of our progressiveness. Our name is a blend of light and bold type, projecting our style—an understated but powerful business partner. Most important, our logo defines our greatest value: to honor our employees, customers, vendors and our company equally. Each is found in our new logo.

Inside the sphere, the Perfect Image initials form in dots—printing dots, our purpose and core competency. Linkages between the dots show how our employees, clients and vendors interconnect. But while we work together within a clearly defined environment, Perfect Image knows that our clients’ own spheres are much bigger, and that printing is but one small part. The linkages inside our sphere are a constant reminder that Perfect Image cannot operate independently. We must strive for continuous improvement to be the best partner we can be. This is one reason we have become more than a printer, providing valuable marketing support solutions to enhance our customers’ overall communications efforts.

Our logo illustrates the progressive partner we have become for our clients, and where we’re going. Our name? It remains the same. Perfect Image is demonstrated, tried and true since 1982.