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A Message from Our President


Perfect Image was founded in 1982. In 1991, I was blessed to take the helm of this jewel, and I remain equally grateful today. Over the years I have learned much—about myself, others and the business. Of particular note about the business, it’s just that. A business. It has to be. The accelerating pace and complexity of change demand it. But we are not just any business. We have chosen to be More than a printer in ways our clients, employees and vendors find important, valuable and more meaningful each day.

We are more than one person or one product offering, yet what we offer is well defined. Our effective client integration and management processes, and our portfolio of products and services have grown out of both our clients’ needs and our desire to be a best of class provider. There are processes and disciplines in place to ensure we operate with precision, consistency and reliability for our clients because their competitive environments do not allow them to partner with anything less.

To stop there, though, would be incomplete. Perfect Image delivers more than the fundamental mechanics we have honed over 30 years, and much of what sets us apart is caring, individual attention, a sense of inside-out community in how we accomplish our tasks, and the creativity required to deliver countless custom projects, year after year.

Our expertise and resources also set us apart. Our staff is highly experienced. We have subject matter experts on staff. We are committed not only to the craft of commercial printing, but also how to integrate it with Web-based marketing. We like to be engaged in projects at the conceptual stage so that we can offer expertise that will deliver greater value and results to our clients. In this way, we are more than a printer, giving clients meaningful reasons to work with us in a sometimes-commoditized environment.

Those who partner with us are greatly appreciated, and we believe greatly rewarded. Accountability, Integrity and Best of Class Performance—these are three of our values, and they clearly form the solid foundation from which we operate. We talk a lot internally about The O, which is one of the ratings metrics on our performance evaluation system. The O rating means Outstanding, and it is given to a top performer, someone who defines his or her position with excellence, instead of being defined by that position. The O means more than a pressman, more than a driver—and ultimately, as a company, more than the tasks we’re engaged in at any given moment. It is the genesis of our tagline, and what allows us to be more than a printer.

The O rating means Outstanding, and it is given to a top performer, someone who defines his or her position with excellence, instead of being defined by that position. Pursuit of excellence is what we are about and where we are going. It’s as if we are never quite satisfied, but not in a mindless, ego-driven way. Rather, I see it as a noble pursuit, reaching higher, and using our God given talents to their fullest. I believe our long-term clients have a sense of what I’m describing. As our staff performs their duties—manipulating and processing files, blending ink and toner, scoring, cutting, folding and shipping to client specifications—those who know us well are very aware that we do so with a sincere desire to improve, grow and excel, and create the kind of relationship that makes life more rewarding for us all.

We look forward to engaging in the pursuit of excellence with our existing and prospective clients in the days and years ahead.

Ira Jackson, Jr.