Artwork Submission/FTP

You Can Send Us Your Artwork Files In the Following Four Ways:

Send Artwork Through FTP to Our Server

  • A User Name and Password are required. Please contact your Perfect Image sales consultant or project manager to obtain your User Name and Password, or request them via e-mail at:
  • For faster upload/download times, and to retain data integrity (particularly fonts), please compress your files with WinZIP (Windows) or Stuffit (MacOS).
  • Create a subdirectory for your job and copy all the files into that directory. After copying the files, send us the details of the job via e-mail, including file details, size of data uploaded, PC/Mac job, etc.
  • Once your job is submitted, please complete and submit our Request for Estimate form so that we know what you want – the quantity needed, the paper type, colors, and other pertinent details. Note in the comments section that your artwork was submitted through FTP to our server.
  • We may also accept files via your FTP site. Simply contact your sales consultant or project manager, and notify them of the relevant site information, project folder(s) and credential(s).

Send Artwork Via File Sharing Application Sources

  • Perfect Image employs Hightail, formerly YouSendit, as its file sharing service. Please contact your sales representative, or project manager, to have our premedia department create, and forward your project folder.
  • We may also accept files via your file sharing service. Simply notify your sales representative or project manger, and provide the relevant project file folder(s) and credential(s).

Send Artwork as an E-Mail Attachment

  • You can send digital data as an e-mail attachment as long as the job contains only text/vector data without any pictures – and provided the data is less than 10MB. Please note that file names containing spaces and special characters, and without proper application extensions added to the file name, may cause improper transfer.
  • Foolproof E-Mail File Transfer:
  • File Types: Adobe CS, CS2, CS3, CS5, CS6 (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator included), QuarkXPress and Freehand 8-X
  • PC files for Quark must use True Type fonts only, and Adobe CS files must have all fonts converted to paths: Please note that all other applications are not supported by the PC.
  • Files must contain only text/vector data, without any pictures
  • Files must be less than 5 – 10MB
  • For faster upload/download times, compress your files using WinZIP (Windows) or Stuffit (MacOS)
  • Be sure to add the appropriate application file extension to your file name
  • Attach the artwork to your e-mail message as a file attachment from Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Send the e-mail to us at: and please copy your Sales Consultant or Project Manager
  • Once your artwork is submitted, fill out and submit our Request for Estimate form so that we know what you require – the quantity needed, paper type, colors, and other pertinent details

Send Artwork by Courier or Mail

  • We accept the following media: CD / DVD
  • Please fill out and print our Request for Estimate form and send it along with your files and printouts so that we know what you want – the quantity needed, paper type, colors, and other pertinent details.
  • Please include a copy of all image/graphic links, screen fonts and printer fonts.
  • Enclose a final black-and-white, same-size proof with all prepress and post-press operations clearly marked.
  • Include digital data for punching and spot UV, etc., if any.
  • Courier or mail to: Perfect Image | 503-D Commerce Park Drive | Marietta, GA 30060

Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Resources


Q: I can’t establish a connection to the FTP Server. What’s wrong?
A: Ensure that your username and password credentials are accurate. Capitalization matters when entering passwords. In addition, if you are using an FTP Client not mentioned above, make sure the FTP connection is set to passive.

Q: Is my upload file too large?
A: If you are using Internet Explorer’s built-in FTP functionality, you may run into hang-ups or freezing when trying to upload images or files that are very large (50MB+). If you need to upload large image files, we recommend using a standalone FTP Client, such as FileZilla.

Q: I’m able to upload files and images with no problems. Is it possible to manage my FTP and delete files/folders?
A: Accounts are created to allow deletion of files/folders within the FTP account. If you require further permissions or the adding/deleting of files is not working, please contact your Perfect Image Project Manager.

We recommend that all users of our information systems read the following documents.

FileZilla Download & Configuration Instructions
Supported File Formats
Tips and Tricks to Make Your Job Run Smoothly

If you need assistance at any time, please contact your Perfect Image Project Manager:

Main Phone: 770.422.4221