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With so many marketing channels at your command, how do you choose? The plethora of communication options have created an extremely fragmented and fractured marketplace. While technology and mobile devices make it easy to reach individuals with one-to-one messages, there are unending distractions competing for their attention. It’s difficult to know how, where and when to communicate your message to best reach your goals.

Is there a proverbial silver bullet?

If there were perfect formulas or combinations of channels that work for every goal, marketing would be easy. Each goal is a unique puzzle and we love solving these puzzles for clients. It starts with understanding your opportunity. We have a knack for identifying promising strategies, targets and channels that match your goals, needs and budget.

Silver linings are found in the ways marketers connect

  • Connect in multiple dimensions: Perfect Image can help you turn your brand message into a multichannel campaign. What may have started as a print campaign can be leveraged into an online experience. Email and mobile initiatives can morph into point-of-sale display advertising. We help you choose the ideal tools.

  • Connect where they are: Today’s marketers must identify where target audiences gather and can be reached. Your target audience may congregate in online forums, social media or associations. Others may be best reached through trade magazines and Google keyword ad buys. You may find the best way to reach your target audience is on their commute to and from work with ads on their bus line or on highway billboards. Let’s work together to find those channels, test them and identify the best ones. Perfect Image is channel agnostic. We don’t just do print, and we work with a network of multichannel partners to provide the connection power you need.

  • Connect more often: Connecting more is not always about creating new relationships. It’s often about investing in, keeping and growing the ones you have. In fact, this is critical. Customer-centric communication strategies focus on three key metrics:

    • Recency: How recently have you seen, heard from or spoken with your constituent?
    • Frequency: How often do you see, hear from or communicate with your constituent?
    • Monetary: What is the lifetime value of this constituent? What did they receive from you?

    We can help you set up a communications pathway, with a series of automated messages triggered by any three of the above metrics. Messages can be scheduled to deliver offline (direct mail) or online (email) to keep you in steady communication with your valuable base.

Client Quotes

When it comes to performance and quality, Perfect Image is there to deliver just that. Their commitment to outstanding customer service ranks them among the best. It's been a delight doing business with Ira and his team. Keep up the great work guys!
S. Logan
PI has a strong focus on continuing to make sure we are successful, even when a project goes beyond the original scope of work.

Liz Ball

The Best! Perfect Image always delivers the best work and in the most timely manner! Everyone is always friendly and willing to work with you to ensure that you (the customer) get exactly what you want!

Lara F.

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Every organization needs an advocate in the marketing world. We are that champion for organizations challenged by limited budgets, staff and time. Let us be your problem solver and solutions provider, and help you meet your development and financial goals. 

Concierge Service

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