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Every school and institution of higher learning has a unique mission – as well as a sizable stake in the type and caliber of students you attract through your enrollment efforts.

How do you ensure your enrollment, marketing and communications initiatives convey the right messages, have the best visual appeal – and resonate with the right student candidates and families? How do you rise above competitors vying for the same students and families?

The answer is found in a solid, unified strategy that stays consistent with who you are, and that keeps you productively engaged with people who will lead you into the future. Perfect Image is highly qualified to assist you in your quest to enroll more of your ideal students.

Here are some of the ways we help:

  • Strategic planning: Perfect Image is known as a trusted partner for widely recognized schools, academies, colleges and universities. When you engage us, we become a strategic planner, your marketing and communications partner, and an extension of your marketing team. We understand and support unique opportunities and challenges, serve as a second set of eyes for your communications outreach, and help you navigate a competitive environment to attract students, families, funding and maximum brand recognition.

  • Recruiting materials: Perfect Image is much more than a printer, but when it comes to printed materials for the Education market, our expertise and craftsmanship are superior. Above all, we are your brand steward, partnering with you to enhance and protect the integrity of your brand, mission and goals. We know your recruiting, enrollment, admissions and onboarding materials set a tone like no other for your institution. We can help you conceive, design and write award-winning materials that move people to act – and our distribution and tracking services can free up your time to concentrate on what you do best.

  • Alumni outreach: You know the value of alumni to your enrollment initiatives. We do, too, which is why we are able to help you reach these important ambassadors through the right channels, with the right messages and calls to action. We work with our Education clients to develop and implement exciting, thoughtful, compelling programs and campaigns that keep alumni engaged and supportive of enrollment, development and advancement efforts.

  • Annual fund campaigns: We recognize that annual fund campaigns are right up there with enrollment, representing the lifeblood of your future and one of the most challenging goals you undertake each year. We also know your fundraising success determines your ability to introduce new programs, bring in top faculty, enhance facilities – and attract the right students to your institution. We have decades of experience in annual campaigns and are acutely aware of current giving habits and trends. We can help you achieve and exceed funding goals with the right knowledge, ideas, creativity and ability to implement campaigns across multiple channels.

Client Quotes

Yes, More Than a Printer – they are Partners! As competition for students, revenue, and reputation increases, the need to give the community a deeper understanding, clarity, and celebration of our image and identify also increases. As a result, Brandon Hall School sought a print partner to provide us with print and marketing support that helped drive greater results from our marketing efforts than we have ever received.
Brandon Hall School
They go above and beyond, being a part of the project team.

Liz Ball

Their quality exceeds other printers that I use.
JP Johnson, Client
Concierge Service

Every organization needs an advocate in the marketing world. We are that champion for organizations challenged by limited budgets, staff and time. Let us be your problem solver and solutions provider, and help you meet your development and financial goals. 

Concierge Service

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