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The Hope Shot

In the spring of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic raged in the United States and world, Perfect Image embarked on a mission to help clients and colleagues find insights for the road ahead. When the second pandemic of social unrest erupted, our mission took on even greater significance. We enlisted luminaries across civic, business, educational and nonprofit lines to offer their unique insights into how organizations and individuals might approach the new reality with hope for the future. In June 2020, we officially launched The Hope Shot video series. Please enjoy the videos on this page and feel free to share them.

Let's embrace freedom together!

No matter how Americans celebrate freedom as individuals, we each stand on the sacrifices of our ancestors. They fought for and won our true independence. Every June 19 in the United States is recognized as Juneteenth, our newest federal holiday. The day evokes the legacy and tragedy of American slavery, our journey toward a more perfect union, and the continued call for equity and social justice.

In 2023, our team at Perfect Image used our creative talents to commemorate Juneteenth by producing this video and a printed piece called "Forever Free." We did so to celebrate our uniquely American history and the promise of our future - and yours. Take a moment to watch the video. Let's embrace freedom together!

Take a Break and Carry On: Adjust Your Mindset and Messaging During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Published in Target Marketing

Take a Break and Carry OnTiming is everything, perhaps now more than ever during this pandemic. As we watch the world around us change drastically, on a daily basis, it's hard to know what to do. Do we ramp up advertising and customer messaging? Do we push out more offers? Do we create new discounts to keep sales coming in? If there was a crystal ball we trusted at times like these, what would it tell us to do? Read the article here...

Can a Nonprofit Raise Funds in the Face of Coronavirus?

Published by Our Fundraising Search

Can a Nonprofit Raise Funds in the Face of CoronavirusIf you work for a healthcare organization or one serving families, it may be all hands on deck in your shop. If so, then your efforts should be rewarded ten-fold now or in the future because of your good works. So, our prayers and good wishes are with you. If you are not intimately involved in providing immediate service to patients and clients, then while there is some cause for concern, there are things we can all do to advance our institutions during these challenging times. Read the article here...

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