Know Your Printer

How Well Do You Know Your Printer?


Commercial printing is a buyer’s market, especially in a top 10 printing capital such as Atlanta. You essentially have your pick. Is that a good thing? Yes and no, because finding the right fit is vital to your success. When there are hundreds or thousands, how do you choose?

Printing is a $165+ billion market, the seventh largest U.S. industry and comparable in size to the automotive or high-tech industries. Unlike in similarly sized segments, where there are relatively small numbers of players, printing is highly fragmented with approximately 26,000 firms nationwide. The vast majority, 80 percent, have less than $2 million in annual revenue and less than 20 employees. The average firm has $1 million in sales and 11 employees.


As shown in this graphic, the composition of U.S. commercial printing firms can be classified as small, medium, large and very large. Perfect Image is best-of-class in the mid-size commercial printing niche. In this range we are larger than 80 percent of printing companies, but smaller than 20 percent of the largest players. This is good for us and it’s good for you. It means we have the capacity, scale and experience to handle a broad scope of clients and projects, yet we are small enough, and willing and able, to personalize our offering in a boutique fashion.

Are We a Good Fit for Your Organization?

The commercial printing industry has greatly evolved over the past decade. We’re surprised that so many printers still spend their days ‘smelling their own ink’ by operating with a manufacturing mindset. That’s not enough. It does not respect the power of print in today’s marketing world or a client’s unique needs. We set out years ago to be More than a printer – to serve as a true marketing partner for our clients, not just a printer. Our industry and clients ­strongly affirmed that our direction was the right one.

Today’s best print partners are equal parts production-centric, client-centric and market-centric, helping you to become more proficient in using the mix of marketing channels that works best for your organization. We understand what it takes to build, maintain and protect a successful brand and the fundamental role that print plays in that process.

Get to Know Us

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