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4 Reasons Print is Still Valuable to Small Business

Posted on: November 15th, 2016 by Charles Kelley

Here are some important reasons to use print:

  1. Projecting a deeper commitment
    Printed materials create more favorable and trustworthy impressions than emails or online communications. These days, when a business invests time and expense to prepare and mail a personalized letter or marketing piece, people perceive that business as more likely to handle business and customers in the same thoughtful and committed manner.
  2. Going against the tide

    The digital age continues to make people wonder, “Is print alive or dead?” I assure you that print is moving ahead at full throttle. Smart businesses are moving against the digital tide by using print to stand out in a crowded sea of marketers. No one notices a single fish among hundreds swimming in the same direction, but you can bet all eyes are trained on the one gliding upstream.

  3. Making tangible connections
    People across demographics love paper – the touch, feel and even the smell of it. This includes the tactile feel of nicely printed business cards, letters, brochures and direct mail printed on high quality stock. Bumping cell phones to exchange contact information is quick, but the effect and result are nowhere near that of exchanging business cards. Last week, after an engaging business conversation with a bright Millennial, I handed him my card. His response: “I don’t carry business cards but after seeing and feeling yours, I think I’ll contact you to produce some for me.”
  4. Keeping it close to the vest
    When was the last time you heard of a printed letter, direct mail piece, flyer, brochure or annual report being hacked? ‘Nuff said!

Not convinced? Here are four more reasons print is valuable to small businesses.

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