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Perfect Image Scores Top Color Management Certification

Posted on: September 12th, 2023 by Ira Jackson

G7-mastercolorspace.pngIn August 2023, Perfect Image achieved the highest level of certification for its advanced color management technology in print production. Now established as a G7® Master Facility Qualified printer, Perfect Image is among select printers worldwide to offer clients the benefits of this significant certification and sophisticated technology. 

Considered the good housekeeping seal of approval for a print facility, this globally recognized accreditation is granted to printers by Idealliance® for stringent compliance with G7 color management technology across a printing enterprise.

What does this mean for print buyers who use a G7-certified printer? The certification and software behind it go a long way in meeting and exceeding the expectations of print buyers for top-quality color reproduction. Here’s how…

Gray: The unsung hero in your printed materials

grayscale-boxes.pngOf all the colors and hues that grace a printed piece, gray plays the most important role. Artists, graphic designers, photographers and print production specialists know that ‘gray balance’ must be controlled and consistent during the printing process. 

Since there are literally hundreds of shades of gray and just as many ways for a given printing press or human eye to interpret color mix and final appearance, this is a necessary condition of great color reproduction. G7 color management technology ensures the overall tone of an image or graphic stays true to its original colors – whether the print method is offset, digital, wide format or any other process, and regardless of substrates, inks, finishes and screening technologies.

Benefits of G7 color management

  • cmyk-image copy.pngG7 is the driving force in achieving visual similarity across printing processes. It is a universal definition of grayscale appearance that accurately reproduces materials by hitting desired color targets.
  • This software-based calibration method adjusts any CMYK imaging device to simulate the universal G7 grayscale definition.
  • Since specifications apply globally, G7-calibrated printers in different states or on different continents can produce the same accurate color reproduction of a printed piece.
  • G7 color management reduces a printer’s make-ready time, an efficiency that speeds production. Perfect Image now serves clients with a single platform that automates precision color adjustments, controls color across presses and boosts production efficiency. 

G7-logo.jpgWhy is it called G7?

As illustrated in the logo, G stands for grayscale and 7 represents the four primary printing colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – plus the three overprint colors of red, green and blue. 

colorflow-graphic copy.jpgPerfect Image implemented G7 color management using Kodak ColorFlow Pro, an integrated software that automates the process for all color control elements, curves, ICC profiles and spot color recipes so that they’re correctly applied and used across our presses. Improvements in proof-to-press and digital-to-lithographic matches are dramatic, elevating print quality across our operations.  

A trusted print partner for today’s marketers

“It’s unusual for a commercial printer of Perfect Image’s size to deploy enterprise-wide advancements like G7 because it is not inexpensive,” says Meredith Nichols, principal at Nichols Associates, a certified G7 Expert and consultant who worked with Perfect Image in implementing G7 color management. “But Perfect Image is committed to continuous improvement and quality, wanting to operate more efficiently and deliver the best product. G7 is an investment that places Perfect Image on par with much larger organizations, benefitting everyone in the chain, from designers to print buyers, prepress and print production.”

teamwork copy.pngG7 Master Facility Qualified certification is a badge of honor for the Perfect Image team in serving our clients. We take color as seriously as you do and genuinely want to help increase the return on your investments in print and marketing.

Experience the beauty and benefits of G7 color management!

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