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Moving Our Clients Forward with New Print Technologies

Posted on: July 28th, 2022 by Ira Jackson

We know our clients don’t wake up every morning thinking about print. But when they do, two things are foremost in their minds – Ease and Accuracy. Clients expect us to make our interactions and the production process as efficient as possible. Thanks to technology, we do.


In every industry, technology is the answer and the way forward. That’s why we invested in advanced workflow and online client collaboration technologies. Our goal is to reduce our clients’ time investments, costs and turn times on each project that moves through our house.


What did our advancements change? Everything!


Most people know that Kodak was one of the world's first leaders in imaging technology. Many people don’t know that today, Kodak is a global technology company that provides industry-leading products and services for commercial print, packaging, publishing and manufacturing.


We take full advantage of their printing solutions and technologies. One of these is the Kodak InSite Prepress Portal, which enables our clients and our production team to efficiently manage the process of artwork submission and approval – together, over the internet.


insite-image.pngOur InSite Prepress Portal simplifies and accelerates the prepress and approval process through a completely web-enabled interface. This means client teams can keep projects moving at any time, from anywhere. It literally changes everything. 





Each client can opt for a secure, customized InSite interface, connecting their teams and ours in a real-time workflow, from file uploads to job submission, preflight, proofing, refining, approvals, print production and project delivery.


Best of all, our InSite Prepress Portal for clients seamlessly integrates with our internal workflow system, facilitating real-time communication and same-time file exchange and access. From the moment you upload and submit a job, it automatically enters our preflight and refining process. In this convenient web-based environment, both your team and ours work with the same, up-to-the-minute master files and change requests.

10 major pain points are eliminated for our clients

  1. At your discretion, your designers, brand managers, agencies and marketing and communications team have 24/7 access to our print production system. Simply log in to InSite to initiate a job, or check on the status of an existing job, or view all print projects in process at any time (even on a Friday night!) in real time, from anywhere. You can access the portal through any web browser and there is no software to load.

  2. When print files are ready, upload them to us via the InSite portal in seconds. InSite eliminates the need to transfer files using FTP, Dropbox or email attachments. (It also eliminates the time and cost in receiving physical proofs.)

  3. Easily establish permissions for who on your team can view specific files in your portal.

  4. Simply ask the system to share links to your print job with your designated team members. This eliminates the time-consuming and cumbersome process of circulating files yourself. It also ensures everyone has access to the most current files and pages in the job progression.

  5. floating-on-raft.jpgMembers of your team, regardless of their location (office, coffee shop, beach, another country) can simultaneously review proofs through the portal, rather than retrieve and review emailed or downloaded files, saving all a lot of time, effort and delays.

  6. Full-resolution PDFs give you and your team vivid clarity to approve (or reject) each page, adjust copy or images or identify and correct proofing errors within the portal.

  7. You can check colors, separations and trapping using the powerful zoom function, right down to individual pixels.

  8. Designated team members can share comments and changes through the portal, with the collective collaboration history recorded in annotations and chat. And you can watch as our production team makes changes in real time.

  9. Online collaboration, reviewing and proofing eliminate the need for press checks!

  10. fiery-speed.pngSpeed matters in today’s competitive market! You enjoy faster turn times and greater accuracy for projects using lithographic, digital or wide format printing. You also reduce time and costs and dodge delays inherent to manual processes. 

In short, our InSite Prepress Portal gives you full control and confidence for every aspect of your print projects, providing the attributes you want and need most to maximize investments in print: Ease and Accuracy


It’s so simple and intuitive


easy-button.jpgOur InSite Prepress Portal offers two options for reviewing print projects:

  1. Preview: This option allows you to review print jobs as a flipbook.
  2. Smart Review: This is the powerful but easy option that lets you review and zoom in on individual pages and images, with a full complement of proofing features and tools. It is the most popular way to proof print jobs. 

When you open a file in Smart Review, you can review and work with full-resolution PDFs in multiple ways:

  • Change how the file appears in Smart Review.
  • Work with annotations made to the file.
  • Compare two different files or compare two revisions of the same file.
  • Manage color on the file.
  • Collaborate with others in a live group review session.
  • Review and approve pages.
  • Print the file to us. 

Six areas make the Smart Review process simple:

  1. Files list
  2. Canvas area
  3. View and zoom tools
  4. Annotation tools
  5. Information panels - details about a file (separations, annotation and more)
  6. Approval and user status panel


Productivity and service drive your success in print

Perfect Image prioritizes increasing productivity as a top investment objective. Why? Because increased production speed and decreased turn times allow us to be more responsive to our clients, so they can be more responsive to their audiences.

For us, there’s more to it than technology. We’re a seasoned team of industry professionals and veterans who apply expertise and have a stake in every client’s outcome. Client care is a core pillar and promise. Our industry-leading automation substantially enhances productivity, but it will never replace human interaction!

prinergy-image.jpgWe adopted Kodak Prinergy Workflow to allow us and our clients to leverage a single, integrated workflow for both digital and conventional printing, eliminating costs and inefficiency while maintaining operational excellence. It fully integrates with the InSite Prepress Portal.

Every function is automated, from job submission to print output. The solution reduces manual touchpoints and identifies errors before they occur, elevating productivity across our operation. As a result, clients enjoy best-in-class output with state-of-the-art color management, screening and file refining to maximize quality and consistency, even on the most complex jobs.


Automation changes everything! Make it work for you starting today.


At Perfect Image, we want to increase your productivity, too. The gains you receive from automation and a simplified prepress process ensure your team spends less time on print, less time on the phone and in email, and more time on other key priorities.


Existing clients – give your account manager a call to learn more. If you are not already a client, we welcome you and any questions you have about working with us and our award-winning craftmanship. Give us a shout if you want a more dramatic impact from print. We also offer marketing support solutions to increase the ROI you get from marketing beyond the printed piece.

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