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How to Recalibrate Your Strategy in a Changing Universe

Posted on: September 10th, 2019 by Ira Jackson

It is with passion and purpose that we monitor trends impacting our clients in education, nonprofit and business. As a trusted marketing support partner in these sectors, it is imperative that we understand new dynamics and how organizations at large are responding to change. These developments in particular have strong potential to impact your future:

  • Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations are facing significant shifts in giving habits, driven by generational influences, tax code changes and other factors – all of which indicate a new era has arrived in organizational advancement and fundraising.
  • Businesses of all types and sizes in every industry are challenged by rapid-cycle developments in digital transformation and personalization, which have become essential to serving, nurturing and retaining valued customers.  

These trends are the future. They point to the need for new marketing, outreach and operational strategies to sustain and grow your organization, and position you to achieve financial goals.

The time has come to ‘reimagine’

If you are an observer of current marketing language, perhaps you have also noticed how often the word reimagine is used by researchers and industry gurus. This perfect word explains what is needed to transcend emerging barriers to growth. Reimagine is more than a mantra. It has become a necessary edict for all of us to succeed in the face of unprecedented change.

What reimagine means is unique to every organization:

  • What development and growth opportunities exist that are not on your radar? 
  • What do you need to do that is not present in your current marketing strategy? 
  • What marketing and communications tools are available that you are not using? 
  • What words could you employ to better appeal to your most valuable constituents?
  • Where else can you invest marketing dollars to affect the greatest overall impact?

Science inspires us to look closer at what we know 

recalibrate-body-image.jpgWe recently learned that MIT scientists discovered an enormous group of hidden galaxies that may change our understanding of the universe and how it works. These ancient galaxies were “hidden in plain sight,” obscured by surrounding galaxies so bright that astronomers didn’t know the profound depth of this area of the universe.

Marketers and communicators can take this cue from scientists by using research and new tools to probe the depths of what lies within our own universes, waiting to be explored. To meet the future head-on, now is the time to look closer at how to:

  1. Build a stronger strategy
  2. Formulate better positioning
  3. Drive higher results

Here are some highly informative resources

For educational institutions and nonprofit organizations, the Chronicle of Philanthropy highlights several key takeaways from Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2018 (2019). While you’re at the Chronicle’s website, have a look at their Resources and Tools (some require premium subscriptions) for a wealth of ideas, how-to guides, checklists, case studies and more on all aspects of successful fundraising.  

For future-focused businesses, Forrester Research explains why and how digital transformation is not just about technology – but rather about reimagining your company. And the Forbes Insights team proficiently explains how marketing leaders are personalizing the customer experience and the most effective strategies for success.

Perfect Image exists for one reason – to help our clients leverage exceptional results through every marketing outreach. From today forward, it takes a strong team to reimagine what is possible. Invite us to your table and let’s explore undiscovered opportunities in your marketing universe. 

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