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Small Businesses Need a Partner, Not Just a Bank

Posted on: July 17th, 2017 by Charles Kelley

Community banks know better than most that small businesses are the foundation of any community. You know their value from an economic standpoint, from a jobs outlook, and from your own customer and business perspective. You can also identify because in your Georgia community, you are one of them.

Frank Sorrentino, chairman and CEO of one of the best performing community banks in the nation, recently contributed an article to Forbes that I believe every community bank executive and marketer should read. His post, Small Businesses Need A Partner, Not Just A Bank, encourages community banks to consider how you can help more small businesses thrive and grow in the face of the challenges they are confronting today.

“Small businesses look to their banks to be a partner and an advisor, not just a bank, in hopes of using that advice to increase their success. In this relationship, everybody wins—from small businesses to banks and entire communities.” – Frank Sorrentino

I submit that just as small businesses need a partner, not just a bank – community banks also need a partner, not just a printer.

As a former bank officer now leading business development at Perfect Image, a commercial print communications provider in Marietta, I can attest to the wisdom of Sorrentino’s words. Serving metro Atlanta and the Southeast since 1980, Perfect Image has risen above seismic attrition in the U.S. printing industry as a direct result of our commitment to partnership with our clients and community.

If you need a marketing support partner who understands how to leverage print marketing in a competitive digital age, contact me today. We are More than a printer.

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