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Variable Data Printing Tips: Personalize Your Print

Posted on: November 25th, 2014 by Ira Jackson

Variable Data Printing or VDP is a powerful print solution that allows for personalization and incorporation of variable data you have about your customer base. By combining your data and recipient information with the power of quality print marketing you can increase your response rate and unlock the power of direct mail. VDP is such an expansive platform that allows for us to push the envelope on what can be done with the data we have about our customers. Compelling design, value added offers and conversion focused copy can yield your business conversions and new business.

The team at put together a useful list of the top variable data printing tips and personalization. Check out this great article by Ethan Boldt.

VDP Direct Mail

Personalized mail pieces take care of job No. 1: get attention. Even better, by using content that’s relevant and unique to each prospect, that attention has a much better chance to turn into action than with the traditional direct mail piece.

A Vertis customer focus study asked adults, “Which of the following makes a difference to what direct mail you open?” Sixty-six percent responded with “customized name.” Because using a prospect’s name is only the beginning of VDP, consider how much better response can be when all the capabilities of text, imagery and offers are properly leveraged on a mail piece.

In the brand new DirectMarketingIQ report, “Variable Data Printing: 6 Case Studies,” we cover campaigns (both small and large) that used data in inventive and ultimately successful ways.

Here are four tips from the report:

1. Use the Right Data Elements

“There’s a wealth of information that is typically available in a marketing database,” says Devyani Sadh , CEO, founder and head of client relations ofData SquareOpens in a new window, a data-driven solutions provider. “It is important to only use data elements that are predictive and can be correlated with response. Additionally, the usage of data will be most effective when there is differentiation within the customer or prospect base.”

2. Include Relevant Images

“Pictures that reinforce a particular interest will also help get the attention of your customer/prospect,” says Pegg Nadler , owner of Pegg Nadler Associates, Inc., a database marketing consulting operation. “The image can be contained in the letter, order form, buckslip or outer envelope.”

One case study revealed that variable data mailings that feature relevant images can exceed normal direct mail response rates by double digits.

3. Great Data Can Help Deliver on a Brand Promise

In a sector like education, where prospects are willing to provide marketers with data, the possibilities of variable data promotions are limitless. One variable data promotion delivered on the Ivy Bridge College brand promise of a personalized educational experience, where each student gets a coach and can hand pick classes and schedules to fit their lives.

Campaign Response Rates

4. Relevant Content Can Include Personalized Freemiums

Creative and relevant content will resonate with the audience and personalized products like T-shirts incentivize response. The Postal Service planned a cross media campaign where customers could visit a PURL and personalize their own T-shirts with humorous content. With a 7.5 percent response rate, this campaign exceeded average direct mail response rates by four times.

As you approach your upcoming marketing projects, consider how Perfect Image’s team of design, production and technical experts can help you get the most out of your important print expenditures. Contact us to learn more about how we help organizations build extraordinary brands.

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