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What's your BUNT Recipe

Posted on: July 28th, 2016 by Ira Jackson

I’m going to make this short and sweet.

For many schools and nonprofits, this is the end of your fiscal year. You’re likely engaged in mid-year assessment, tallying up how you have performed with your patrons and donors. If you have too many constituents on the following lists, remember there’s nothing unfortunate about new opportunities to increase giving:

  • Last year but unfortunately not this year (LYBUNT)
  • Some year but unfortunately not this year (SYBUNT)

What are the ingredients in those BUNT acronyms?

You might be wondering what a printer can possibly tell you about this. At Perfect Image, we know that constituent engagement is no cakewalk for our clients in education and nonprofit. We understand that LYBUNT and SYBUNT lists are critical assessment tools, and how great relationships and development go well beyond those classifications. In fact we see over and over how the best development efforts are made of generous ingredients that cause constituents to rise up when the giving heat is turned on.

We nurture for a lot of reasons. Not just when we need something.

Since printing is one of the most transactional businesses around, I can say that just like you, I know relationships are neither made of nor defined by periodic transactions. Far from it. It really doesn’t matter if we’re printers, development officers, admissions directors or marketing heads. All of our relationships are made of trust, care and ongoing attention.

What’s the recipe? We check in from time to time because we care – to say thank you, share news, let people know how important they are and the ways they make a difference – and how we can continue making a difference together. Give-and-take is a time-honored recipe for success. It’s how we keep people engaged.

About the sweet part…

I said I was going to make this sweet. Your action is required but I promise it’s a piece of cake. It’s actually a whole BUNDT cake. See what I did there? I’m going to send gift cards to the first four education or nonprofit professionals who tell us in the comments or by email just one word that you think best defines your professional relationships. The gift cards are naturally for Nothing Bundt Cakes in Sandy Springs, Georgia – Home of the Most Delicious Bundt Cakes. They deliver.

Perfect Image is the printer who understands education and nonprofit missions and goals. Invite us into your kitchen and let’s create some enjoyable results together.

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